Archaelogical Museum -

The museum was inaugurated in 1962. Sculptures and statutes from Thessaloniki district from the Archaic, Classical and Roman eras. A special wing houses the treasures found in Vergina in 1978 and in Derveni in 1984. Located at YMCA square and D' Espereu st. (Tel. 830538)

Museum of Byzantine Culture

The Museum of Byzantine Culture was established in Thessaloniki in order to serve as a centre for the preservation, research and study of the evidence of Byzantine civilization surviving in the Macedonian region and particularly in Thessaloniki , the city which was the most important centre, next to Constantinople , in the European section of the Byzantine Empire .

The museum includes collections of sculpture, frescoes, mosaics, icons, inscriptions from the Byzantine period. Located at 3rd September st. (Tel. 868570, 838597)

Folklore and Ethnological Museum

It concerns the style of life, the costumes, houses, tools, habits, bibliographies, objects, historical documents, a rich collection from the ethnological material of Thessaloniki and Macedonia in general. Located at 68 Vasilissis Olgas st. (Tel. 830591)
Museum of the Macedonian Struggle

It is housed in an old house which used to be the Greek Consulate during the Turkish occupation. Contains exhibits and important documents from the period of the Macedonian Struggle. Located at 23 Proxenou Koromila st. (Tel. 229778)

Technology Museum -

Established in 1978 and it aims to preserve the technical and industrial heritage in Greece and to familiarise the public with the technology. It comprises exhibits on the subjects of Telecommunications, Automobile, Railways, Navigation Technology, the Textile Industry, the history of Industrial development in Thessaloniki etc. It is located in Sindos. (Tel. 799773)