Information and Knowledge Management Research Cluster

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Information & Knowledge Management Research Cluster

The Information & Knowledge Management research cluster belongs to the ICT Research Track of the South-East European Research Centre of the University of Sheffield.

SEERC is established as a non-profit legal entity in Thessaloniki, Greece, and is based at the University of Sheffield International Faculty, City College.

Our group engages in interdisciplinary research, exploring combinations of approaches, methods and technologies in several applications domains. Since 2006, the group's work has been evolving along two main streams of research:

  • Social and intelligent knowledge management for collaboration, learning, and teaching
  • Semantics-based information processing for managing software services and open cloud ecosystems

We view information and knowledge management as the overarching theme in our work, and aspire to bring contributions to multiple application domains by exploring synergies and working with multidisciplinary lenses.