iSHIMR 2005 aims to bring together people who are carrying out, or are interested in, research in the general area of health information management and health informatics technology, and to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of their research activities.

iSHIMR 2005 is a response to the challenge of utilising the enormous potential of modern information technology in information systems, which benefit healthcare professionals, managers, planners, patients and the public. The multi-disciplinary field of Healthcare is a massive generator and user of information. Effective management and exploitation of this critical resource is fundamental to the effectiveness of all groups and individuals in this field, at strategic, management and operational levels. We therefore welcome paper submissions and delegates from the international healthcare community, particularly those with teaching/research responsibilities in health information management and health informatics, with clinical responsibilities, and those involved in provision of information services.

The Tenth International Symposium on Health Information Management Research
Theme: "Improving the quality of health information - an international perspective"
22-24 September 2005 Thessaloniki, Greece

Jointly Organised by:
Department of Computer Science, CITY Liberal Studies, Thessaloniki, Greece
The Centre for Health Information Management Research, The University of Sheffield, Sheffield, UK
South-East European Research Centre SEERC