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Dr Maria Emilia Skóra

Dr Maria Emilia Skóra

Phone: +49 157 33087090

Dr Maria Skóra is senior project manager at Das Progressive Zentrum, Berlin, Germany and a Researcher/ Member of the Focus Group of "Next Social Europe", Foundation for European Progressive Studies, Brussels, Belgium.

Dr Skóra has research experience in field studies. She participated in more than 6 international conferences and published more than 8 peer reviewed articles, 3 peer reviewed working/discussion papers, 1 peer reviewed monograph, 2 chapters in books and more than 10 popular articles and publications in non-refereed Polish and international journals/digital media.

 Dr Skóra hold a PhD on Economics from Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland, had Post-graduate studies at Project Management at Warsaw School of Economics, Poland and a MA in Sociology from University of Wroclaw, Poland. She has been Visiting Fellow at Institute of Social Policy, Warsaw University, Poland and belonged through an Erasmus Program at the Faculty of Sociology of Copenhagen University, Denmark. At 2010 she has been awarded ‘Best doctoral concept in social policy’ from the Entrepreneurial University Funding Program, Pedagogical University of Warsaw, Poland

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