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Informatics as a subject discipline in universities has seen considerable turbulence within the last ten years and indeed it is unlikely that any other subject discipline has been subjected to such extremes in demand over such a short period.

Following the course of the first very successful Informatics Education Europe conference in Montpellier, the IEEII conference in 2007 will take place in Thessaloniki. IEEII aims to bring together Informatics Educators across Europe and to provide a forum for sharing experience, innovative ideas and identifying common issues to be addressed within Europe. 

IEEII will include all the thematic areas of the previous conference but it will also focus on “Developments in South-East and East Europe” as its main theme. Despite the significant developments in East and South-East European countries in recent years, including the changes in their technological infrastructure and the emergence of competitive software companies, academic staff in the region have not always responded efficiently. The conference will investigate the reasons for this, address problems common among educators related to the development, improvement, delivery and evaluation of Informatics curricula and provide an opportunity for sharing experiences and best practice examples from all over Europe. 
We believe the conference will be of interest to all involved in Informatics education in Europe, from the lecturer teaching daily and whose interest may be in the pedagogy to the Heads of Department and Deans who shape policy and curriculum within their Universities.

Conference Proceedings are available from this link

Conference Con

The second Informatics Education Europe conference, IEEII, took place on 29-30  November 2007, in Thessaloniki . The conference was organized by CITY College , an Affiliated College of the University of Sheffield and SEERC, the South-East European Research Centre and it was mainly sponsored by ACM through its Education Board. 

All participants expressed the opinion that this was a very successful event. Indeed, IEEII was able to successfully meet its initial aim to bring together Informatics Educators from all over Europe and to provide an opportunity for sharing experiences, innovative ideas and addressing issues of concern related to the state of Informatics Education in Europe . The main theme of IEEII this year was “Developments in South-East and East Europe ” and this was greatly reflected in the presentations, since 40% of them were Informatics Educators coming from this region.

There were three keynote speakers. Prof Eric Roberts from Stanford University talked about the crisis in Computer Science education as far as the number of potential students attracted to the discipline. He presented a number of reasons and actions that Universities and staff should take to "make Computer Science fun again". Dr Maria Fasli from Essex University talked about how games can be employed in an educational context and the benefits from incorporating gaming elements into the learning process to improve the students' motivation and engagement. Finally, Dr. Patrick Jermann, from Centre de Recherche et d'Appui pour la Formation et ses Technologies in Zurich , demonstrated how interactive learning technologies and tools as well as pedagogical innovation can favour problem-solving over exercising.

The tutorial held on ACM Java Libraries by Prof Roberts was extremely interesting. The tutorial was addressed to Computer Science educators who teach Java programming language as the first language in new comers. The material discussed in the tutorial attempts to motive first year students and attract their interest to programming.  

The conference was attended by about 80 participants who had the opportunity to attend 40 presentations on many different areas in Informatics Education such as Teaching Methodologies, Profession & Skills Development, Teaching Methodologies and Support Tools, E-Learning, Curriculum Development. All presenters focused on pedagogical issues and technologies that are aimed towards facilitated student learning in Informatics.

Participants also had the chance to attend the very successful South East European Workshop in Formal Methods, SEEFM 2007, a satellite event to the IEEII.

We would like to take this opportunity to express once more our appreciation to Andrew McGettrick, Chair of the Programme Committee, Gordon Davies, Chair of the Organizing Committee, and Gerry McAllister, University of Ulster for their invaluable contribution to the event. Moreover special mention has to be made to our colleagues in the Computer Science Department, CITY College and SEERC for their hard work and effort that contributed to the success of the conference. In addition, we would like to thank all the members of the Programme Committee for their significant input in the reviewing process.

Finally, we would like to thank ACM for its financial support as well as Microsoft for sponsoring the IEEII dinner, the British Computer Society (Hellenic Section) for the best paper award and the UK’s Higher Education Academy (Information and Computer Science) and the Greek Computer Society for supporting the dissemination of the event.

All of us now look forward to the Informatics Education Europe III, which will take place in Venice next year.


Anna Sotiriadou, Petros Kefalas

On behalf of the Organising Committee

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Informatics Education Europe II
South-East European Research Center SEERC (www.seerc.org)
City College, Affiliated Institution of the University of Sheffield (www.city.academic.gr
Thessaloniki, 29-30 November 2007
Contact: ieeii@seerc.org




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