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Enterprise, Innovation and Development


Zlatina Gubatova

PhD Topic: Building brand loyalty through Social Media in economic crisis: a gender and Gen Y perspective of luxury fashion consumers in SEE
Tanja  Kuzman

Tanja Kuzman

PhD Topic: Impact of governance on financial performance of state-owned enterprises: evidence from developed, developing and transition countries
Petros Golitsis

Petros Golitsis

PhD Topic: A G-VAR model for Southeastern European Countries and European Union. The international reserves, exchange rate fluctuations, the international co-movements of business cycles and the related economic policies
Besart Hajrizi

Besart Hajrizi

PhD Topic: Determinants of Innovation and the Impact of Innovation on the Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises
Drilon  Lajci

Drilon Lajci

PhD Topic: Decoding employee voice in countries of crisis: New models of understanding and development
Danimir Ljepava

Danimir Ljepava

PhD Topic: Evaluating Determinants of Innovation Outcome: Influence ofInterorganizational Relationships and Knowledge Transfer
Delfin Pllana

Delfin Pllana

PhD Topic: Implementation of economic and commercial diplomacy in the Western Balkans – multidisciplinary study of commercial diplomacy policies and practices in Albania and Kosovo.
Ardian Syla

Ardian Syla

PhD Topic: The Implementation of Fiscal Policies in the Ballkan Region and Their Impact on Growth- Lessons To Be Learned
Linda Tahiri Rukiqi

Linda Tahiri Rukiqi

PhD Topic: The role of structural reforms in boosting firms' export orientation: the case of Kosovo
Kushtrim Zeqiri

Kushtrim Zeqiri

PhD Topic: Foreign Direct Investment and Economic growth- Kosovo case

Information & Communication Technologies

Dionysis Basakos

Dionysis Basakos

PhD Topic: Emotional Multi-Agent Systems
Adelina Basholli

Adelina Basholli

PhD Topic: Wireless monitoring systems for enhancing national health services in developing regions
Fesal Baxhaku

Fesal Baxhaku

PhD Topic: Engineering Emergence in Artificial Distributed Systems for Enabling Monitoring Networks for Health Care Systems
Konstantinos Bratanis

Konstantinos Bratanis

PhD Topic: Failure prevention in cloud service brokers
Tomi Dimitrovski

Tomi Dimitrovski

PhD Topic: Management and policy issues emerging from the use of information technology (IT) in health care delivery: Investigation of national readiness for electronic health record system
Bekim Kasumi

Bekim Kasumi

PhD Topic: Impact of knowledge flows through formal and informal networks on innovation practice of multinational companies
Edon Mustafa

Edon Mustafa

PhD Topic: Socially Assistive Robotics
Marina Ntika

Marina Ntika

PhD Topic: Investigating Emergent Phenomena in Distributed Systems via Multi-Agent System Modelling and Simulation
Dimitrios  Pappas

Dimitrios Pappas

PhD Topic: Emergent Distributed Systems for Computational Auditory Scene Analysis
Krenare Pireva

Krenare Pireva

PhD Topic: Cloud e-learning
Evi Tramantza

Evi Tramantza

PhD Topic: A longitudinal comparative case study of Engineering students' Information Literacy perceptions and needs in the UK and in Greece

Society and Human Development: Psychology, Politics, Sociology, and English Studies

Vassilis Barkoukis

Dr Vassilis Barkoukis

PhD Topic: Self Affirmation and Doping Behaviour
Supervisors: Prof. Peter Harris, Dr Lambros Lazuras
Armend Bekaj

Armend Bekaj

PhD Topic: • PhD Topic: Rearranging the puzzles of security in post-conflict democracies: a comparative study of the transformation and political integration of armed groups in Kosovo and FYR Macedonia
Bujar Gallopeni

Bujar Gallopeni

PhD Topic: Investigating executive control and attention in relation to workload in younger and older employees: the role of psychological processes such as personal motivation, job satisfaction and work readiness as mediators/moderators of cognitive processes in elders’ employability.
Ioannis Gavriilidis

Ioannis Gavriilidis

PhD Topic: Cognitive Neuroscience of emotions in older adults: Self-disgust and the brain.
Anka Gorgiev

Anka Gorgiev

PhD Topic: Towards a New Marketing Paradigm: The Influence of Neuroscience and Behavioral Economics on Marketing
Darja Koturovic

Darja Koturovic

PhD Topic: Governmental and non-governmental action against organized crime and drug trafficking in Serbia
Supervisors: Dr Paul Knepper
Aleksandra  Laketa

Aleksandra Laketa

PhD Topic: Cognitive correlates of bilingualism through the life-span
Fatbardha Osmani

Fatbardha Qehaja Osmani

PhD Topic: Language Comprehension Skills and Executive Functions in Children
George Pavlidis

George Pavlidis

PhD Topic: Social factors' influence on cognitive decline in the elderly population.
Arvesa Studenica

Arvesa Studenica

PhD Topic: Cognitive correlates of bilingualism through the life-span
Marianna Tsatali

Marianna S. Tsatali

PhD Topic: The relationship between impulsivity and self-consciousness emotions (self-disgust, shame and guilt) in patients with Parkinson’s disease


Andreas Baresel-Bofinger

Dr Andreas Baresel-Bofinger

PhD Topic: Integrating sustainability concepts into the supply chains in South East European economies
Dimitris Bibikas

Dr Dimitris Bibikas

PhD Topic: Knowledge Management practices and emerging Web 2.0 technologies
Rustem Dautov

Dr Rustem Dautov

PhD Topic: An ontology-driven adaptation framework for self-management in cloud application platforms
Dialechti Fotopoulou

Dr Dialechti Fotopoulou

PhD Topic: The Impact of Foreign Higher Education on Management Practices: The Case of MBA's in Greece
Fotis Gonidis

Dr Fotis Gonidis

PhD Topic: An ontology-driven framework for cross-platform development and deployment of cloud applications
Fenia Kalogeropoulou

Dr Fenia Kalogeropoulou

PhD Topic: Facilitatory and Inhibitory Processes of Visuospatioal Attention in Schizophrenia Patients
Alexander Karaev

Dr Alexander Karaev

PhD Topic: The use of cluster approach in improving the competitiveness of SMEs in transition countries.
Alexandros Karvounis

Dr Alexandros Karvounis

PhD Topic: The impact of the new cohesion policy in Greece and the future of EU Regional Policy
George Katakalos

Dr George Katakalos

PhD Topic: Problems of Communication, Collaboration and Cooperation in Multicultural Groups Engaged in e-Learning through Synchronous Text-Based Communication
Dimitrios Kourtesis

Dr Dimitrios Kourtesis

PhD Topic: Policy-based governance in open service delivery networks
Aristea Ladas

Dr Aristea Ladas

PhD Topic: The phenomenon of bilingualism and its effects on attention processes throughout the lifespan.
Petros Lameras

Dr Petros Lameras

PhD Topic: Networked Learning in South East Europe: University Teacher’s Conceptions and Approaches and Implications for Educational ICT Policy and Development
Lambros Lazuras

Dr Lambros Lazuras

PhD Topic: Smoking by Young People in Greece
Aikaterini Markidou

Dr Aikaterini Markidou

PhD Topic: The Transmission Mechanism of Monetary Policy and the Bank Lending Channel: The Case of Greece
Erika Melonashi

Dr Erika Melonashi

PhD Topic: Understanding Non-Compliance with Smoke Free-Policies in Albania
Supervisors: Prof. Richard Eiser
Miljana Mitic

Dr Miljana Mitic

PhD Topic: Scope for Implementing Web 2.0 Communications in Relationship Marketing Strategies by Financial Services Institutions: Exploring the Opportunities in South-Eastern Europe.
Leonidas Orfanidis

Dr Leonidas Orfanidis

PhD Topic: An Investigation of National Readiness for Health Record Systems in South Eastern Europe, uisng Macro-level Metrics and Simulation
Supervisors: Dr Barry Eaglestone
Despoina Panagiotidou

Dr Despoina Panagiotidou

PhD Topic: "Visual Attention and Emotion: the deleterious effect of ignoring an object in the subsequent emotional evaluation"
Fivos-Efstratios Papamalis

Dr Fivos-Efstratios Papamalis

PhD Topic: Treatment Process Evaluation: The Role Of Personality Functioning
Ognen Paunovski

Dr Ognen Paunovski

PhD Topic: Exploring Emergent Phenomena: Towards Analysis and Synthesis of Emergent Formations in Complex Systems
Supervisors: , Dr Tony Cowling
Isidora Petreska

Isidora Petreska

PhD Topic: Biologically Inspired Agents: A Framework for Formal Modelling and Simulation of Agents with Elementary Spatial Attributes
Amira Ramhorst

Dr Amira Ramhorst

PhD Topic: Innovation and entrepreneurship in Bosnia-Herzegovina through the prism of its national diamond analysis of programmes and policies
Ervin Ramollari

Dr Ervin Ramollari

PhD Topic: Automated Runtime Testing of Web services
Konstantinos Rousis

Konstantinos Rousis

PhD Topic: Disciplined Exploitation of Emergent Properties in Artificial Distributed Systems
Giovanni   Serafini

Dr Giovanni Oscar Serafini

PhD Topic: Comprehending HRM policies and practices in multinationals within the hotel sector: Explaining variety and commonality in countries of domicile - Evidence from developed economies and the transition periphery.
Mamica Skenderi

Dr Mamica Skenderi

PhD Topic: The Impact of Technological Transfer from Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) on Host Economies - The Case of Albania
Adrian Solomon

Dr Adrian Solomon

PhD Topic: A quintuple helix framework for the implementation of resilient and green freight transportation during weather induced disruptions in South Eastern Europe
Ioanna Stamatopoulou

Dr Ioanna Stamatopoulou

PhD Topic: A Formal Framework for the Modelling of Multi-Agent Systems with Dynamic Structure
Sofoklis Vogiazas

Dr Sofoklis Vogiazas

PhD Topic: Macroeconomic credit risk modelling: an empirical investigation of the Romanian and Bulgarian banking systems with reference to the Greek crisis
Maria Xenitidou

Dr Maria Xenitidou

PhD Topic: National Identity and Otherness in Greek Speakers' Talk about Immigration
Supervisors: Prof. Paul White
Islam Yusufi

Dr Islam Yusufi

PhD Topic: Europeanisation and Security Sector Reform: The Case of the Republic of Macedonia
Supervisors: Prof. Andrew Taylor
Martin Zlatev

Dr Martin Zlatev

PhD Topic: Normative influences on smoking onset in Bulgarian adolescents
Supervisors: Prof. Richard Eiser

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