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YRW 2019 - Young Researchers' Week 2019

The University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College, and its research centre, SEERC, celebrate academic research with the Young Researchers Week 2019, taking place in Thessaloniki, 13-17 May 2019. The event will provide an opportunity for university students and academics to present their work to a wide audience, thus making possible the interaction with lecturers, professors and researchers. The Week consists of two conferences and satellite events, more information on which you may find below and in upcoming weeks. For now, save the date:

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Postgraduate Research Conference

PGR 2019

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Building on the success of the previous Postgraduate Research Conferences (PGR), as well as Doctoral Student Conferences (DSC), which have attracted in total more than 900 research papers from countries all over the South-East European region and beyond, the aim of the conference is to further facilitate the exchange of knowledge between young researchers, and to consolidate the established network of scholars currently undertaking research in South East Europe.

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Student Spring Symposium

S3 2019

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The Students Spring Symposium (S3) is organised by students for students, and is a great place for exchanging ideas and sharing experiences with young and inspired people. Either as an individual or as a group, there is an opportunity for every student of Thessaloniki to attend and see presentations on projects, research ideas and topics of academic or personal interest.

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Satellite Events

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