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Workshop on Specification and Computation of Affect in Collaborative and Social NETworks (SCACSNET'09)

Workshop on Specification and Computation of Affect in Collaborative and Social NETworks (SCACSNET'09)
Event type Workshop
Location Thessaloniki, Greece
Date(s) 08/10/2009
Organiser(s) SEERC, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, University of Sheffield

Modern technologies provide an immense collection of channels for various types of communication and interaction: email, chat, SMS, web pages, wikis, social networking applications, and many others. In addition, they allow establishment of online groups and networks of people that can engage in collaborative task accomplishment, social interactions, education, game playing, business interactions etc. With the emergence of Web 2.0, Affective Computing and advanced HCI technologies the focus has been shifted towards the “soft” aspects of computing, grasping the social relations, emotions, mood and behaviour of people in the online environment, with the goal of providing unobtrusive and efficient computer-mediation for human-human interaction.

In an effort to confront the development of the envisaged collaborative and inclusive information society, this workshop aims to create synergy between different scientific fields and application domains under a common discussion umbrella, where novel ideas, technologies, methodologies and pilot frameworks will be exchanged and success stories will be shared. The workshop is organised as an associated event of the 10th IFIP Working Conference of Virtual Enterprises (PRO-VE'09) which takes place in Thessaloniki, Greece, 7-9 October 2009. The workshop will take place in Piraeus Conference Centre, on the 9th of October. For additional information please visit the workshop website at

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