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Enhancing BDI Agents with Emotions

Enhancing BDI Agents with Emotions
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Presenter(s) Mr Dionysis Basakos, PhD candidate, SEERC-University of Sheffield
Seminar type Research Student Seminar
Location Conference room L.Sofou Bld.
Date and time 01/07/2010, 10:30-11:30
Website http://

Studies on MultiAgent Systems (MAS) focus on interactions between intelligent autonomous entities, simulating various aspect of human behaviour. Modeling emotions is a quite recent research focus both in Artificial Intelligence and cognitive modeling that aims to reinforce our understanding on human behavior. A number of emotional Agent architectures have been developed targeting mostly Affective Computing applications, such as believable animated characters and robots. The aim of the reseach will be to develop a MAS model which consists of rational agents infused with some basic theories of emotions. The purpose of such model will be to investigate how logic and perception can be distorted under emotional excitatory or inhibitory sensory leading to a more life like social simulation. The model and its implementation can be verified through various applications including social phenomenon analysis, danger and risk management systems etc.

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