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Social Enterprise and Investment: A trend, a fad or an entirely new politico-economic system?

Social Enterprise and Investment: A trend, a fad or an entirely  new politico-economic system?
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Presenter(s) Mr Rodney Schwartz, CEO, ClearlySo
Seminar type Open Seminar Series
Location Thessaloniki Chamber Of Commerce and Industry
Date and time 02/06/2011, 18:00
Organiser(s) SEERC, City College, SEVE, FING, TCCI
Website http://

Over the centuries mankind has developed, consciously or not, politico-economic systems and structures which have, to a better or worse extent, delivered goods and services to society. In recent times many of the existing models have come under threat or have had their viability challenged. The classical system of government provision based upon taxation has been undermined, especially in the west, by a crisis of fiscal affordability. Market-based solutions have their limitations and indeed, the capitalist system itself has been buffeted by the financial crisis which brought many of the largest western banks to the brink of collapse. Charities, as a structure, are being undermined by the fiscal crisis as well as their own structural defects. How we as a society organise ourselves to deliver goods is becoming a major question. In recent years, the concept of social enterprise and investment has gained traction. The ethical, social or environmental dimension to how people consume, vote, invest or seek employment has grown in importance. Businesses which meet those needs have prospered and investment organisations which cater to socially-minded investors have entered the scene. Governments in search of alternatives have latched onto social entrepreneurship and are channelling resources in this direction. Is this just a fad, another disaster in the making, part of a longer term trend or something completely new and different? Is a systemic change underway?

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