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Greek Regional Workshop on Research and Development: Central Macedonia and East Macedonia-Thrace

Greek Regional Workshop on Research and Development: Central Macedonia and East Macedonia-Thrace
Event type Workshop
Location Thessaloniki, Greece
Date(s) 05/10/2006
Organiser(s) South East European Research Centre
Website http://

The preliminary research results of SEERC's project MIRIAD (Managing and Infusing Research Investment and Development) will be presented in a workshop entitled "Greek Regional Workshop on Research & Development: Central Macedonia and East Macedonia-Thrace" that will take place at SEERC on Thursday 5th October 2006.

The workshop will focus on R&D performance and future perspectives of Research and Technology development in the regions of Central Macedonia and East Macedonia-Thrace. The MIRIAD project aims to stimulate policy intervention focused on raising levels of R&D investment in four regions across Europe. These four regions consist of:

  • Yorkshire and the Humber in the UK
  • the Western Turkish region from Istanbul (inclusive)
  • the Greek and Bulgarian borders of Turkey, East Macedonia and Thrace (including Thessaloniki) in Greece
  • and the South Eastern Bulgarian region from Sofia (inclusive) to the border with Greece and Turkey, including also the Bulgarian Black Sea region.

The choice of regions represents and opportunity to build upon inter-regional cooperation and linkages that already exist between the regions and the project partners.

The key objectives of the project are:

  1. To formalise policies with regional and national government aimed at improving levels of R&D investment by businesses, government and higher education.
  2. To develop a range of benchmarking and scorecard instruments tailored to the regions in which they are operationalised.
  3. To catalyse the cross-fertilization and transfer of relevant policies and strategies across the participating regions.
  4. To establish a regional mutual learning platform for promoting the transnational exchange of practices for enhancing regional R&D investment.
  5. To establish robust and sustainable R&D Investment Strategies for each of the participating regions.
This workshop will bring together policy makers, local authorities as well as research and business entities in order to propose local investment strategies on RTD regarding the Greek regions of the project.

Venue: SEERC Seminar room, 17, Mitropoleos str., 3rd Floor, Thessaloniki

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