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Multilevel Governance Workshop 4: Transnational Governmentality in South East Europe

Multilevel Governance Workshop 4: Transnational Governmentality in South East Europe
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Event type Workshop
Location Rabac - Istria, Croatia
Date(s) 01/06/2007 - 02/06/2007
Organiser(s) Institute of Economics Zagreb, South East European Research Centre, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Zagreb
Website http://

A first inter-disciplinary research workshop on multi-level governance in South-Eastern Europe, organised by the Institute of Economics, Zagreb and SEERC, was held in Zagreb on 4 - 5 February 2005. A second workshop, funded by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung on South-Eastern Europe, Governmentalities and the Politics of Scale was held in Stubicke toplice, near Zagreb on 11-12 November 2005. A third workshop, again funded by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung on Intermediaries and Translation in Inter-Stitial Spaces was held in Stubicke toplice on 29-30 April 2006. The focus of all three workshops was on understanding new forms of governmentalities emerging in South East Europe.

This conference, the last of the sequence to be funded by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung office in Croatia, continues to explore multi-disciplinary approaches to trans-national governmentality, seeking to apply and refine conceptual frameworks more usually applied in developed (Northern and Western) and/or developing (Latin American and African) regions of the world. It provides an opportunity for collaborations between scholars, activists, policy makers, and development workers, interested in the ways in which various kinds of uneven neo-liberalisms are enacted, translated and resisted in contested sites where traditional distinctions between international and national or local actors are eroded. The conference will explore, in particular, the potentials and problems of ethnographic methods in shedding light on these processes. The workshop will refine and elaborate a research agenda and funding possibilities for continue collaborative research and writing on Intermediaries and translation in interstitial spaces.

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