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4th South East European Doctoral Student Conference (DSC 2009)

4th South East European Doctoral Student Conference (DSC 2009)
Event type Conference
Location Thessaloniki, Greece
Date(s) 06/07/2009 - 07/07/2009
Organiser(s) South East European Research Centre

The aim of the conference is to further facilitate the exchange of knowledge between new researchers and to consolidate the established network of scholars currently undertaking research in the region of South East Europe (and beyond). Having identified academic isolation as a problem that many doctoral students face today, the South East European Doctoral Student Conference aims to bring researchers together for establishing collaborative links between disciplines, for testing the ground for innovative ideas and for engaging the wider academic community.

The Conference has an inter-disciplinary focus and is open for participation to new researchers who are currently undertaking doctoral study or are in the early years of their research career (up to 2 years following award of their PhD degree).

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