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10th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development

10th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Development
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Event type Conference
Location MET Hotel, Thessaloniki, Greece
Date(s) 31/08/2017 - 01/09/2017
Website http://

It is a great pleasure for us, the University of Sheffield International Faculty, CITY College, together with the South East European Research Centre (SEERC) to host the 10th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Regional Development (ICEIRD-2017) on 31st August – 1st September 2017 in Thessaloniki, Greece.
Over the past 10 years ICEIRD has become one of the leading entrepreneurship, innovation and regional development conferences in Europe, attracting academics and practitioners from around the world.  A central theme of ICEIRD over the past decade had been the importance of attributed to universities, industry and government, and how to promote innovation-led growth.

As an innovative conference bringing together academics, policymakers, practitioners, and businesses, this year the theme of ICEIRD is to advance research and practice university-industry links. The conference is structure around three tracks concerned with researching, co-producing and commercializing university-industry links.
We are inviting papers and contribution for panel sessions to foster stronger university-industry links to leverage the competitiveness and growth of regions. To achieve this ICEIRD is looking to advance the dialogue across these communities. The intended audience of the conference is academics, university technology managers, entrepreneurs, policy-makers, and businesses interested in the theory and practice of university-industry links, as well as innovation, entrepreneurship and regional development more broadly.

The 10th (anniversary) edition of ICEIRD will bring leading names under the following sessions:

•    Researching: Innovative and entrepreneurial teaching and learning
•    Researching: The evolving role of universities in innovation systems
•    Researching: Creating entrepreneurial societies: The triple helix and beyond
•    Co-producing: University-Industry technology transfer and knowledge exchange
•    Co-producing: Anchors Institutions and regional economic development
•    Co-producing: Fostering Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
•    Commercializing: Startups and Spinouts: challenges and best practices
•    Commercializing: Early stage investment & (venture) funding
•    Commercializing: Investing in Innovation: financing growth

We welcome:

•    Academic papers
•    Practitioner workshops
•    Policy Forums
•    Industry Roundtables

We welcome proposals for other sessions from interested parties.

Thessaloniki is both, a city with a glorious history of 2400 years, and a cosmopolitan modern city full of life where the key challenge debated by the 10th ICEIRD is of core importance to ensure growth. We have chosen one of the best hotels in the centre of Thessaloniki to host the Conference, we have enriched the agenda with many interesting activities and we will make sure that all the latest developments around the theme of the 10th ICEIRD will be presented and discussed during the conference.

We hope that all the delegates will have a successful Conference, along with the chance to enjoy some of the traditional Greek hospitality for which our country is widely known.
We would like to cordially welcome you all to the 10th International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Regional Development (ICEIRD-2017) on 31st August- 1st September 2017 in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Prof Panayiotis H. KETIKIDIS and Prof Tim VORLEY
Chairpersons of ICEIRD 2017

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