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Programming with Diagrams in UML 2.x

Programming with Diagrams in UML 2.x
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Presenter(s) Dr. Tony Simons, University of Sheffield
Seminar type Open Seminar Series
Location SEERC Seminar Room
Date and time 04/12/2007, 13:00 – 14:00
Website http://
This talk will be a masterclass for existing UML users, presenting the new Activity and Sequence Diagrams in UML 2.x, which have a semantics significantly closer to actual programming styles than in UML 1.x. In particular, all diagrams have standard framing and naming conventions, which allow them to be decomposed in a hierarchical fashion. Extensions to Activity Diagrams include notations for asynchronous programming and dataflow modelling. Sequence Diagrams have been extensively reworked to support procedural programming styles, rather than simply show instances of system execution. A large number of control constructs are modelled as distinct "fragments", which allow these to be distinguished properly from the linear flow of time, which was a failing in UML 1.x. This talk should be a significant help for software engineers wishing to upgrade to UML 2.x, and will be much easier to follow than the OMG website!

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