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Conference on Labor Markets, Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategies

Conference on Labor Markets, Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategies
Event type Conference
Location Thessaloniki, Greece
Date(s) 27/05/2005 - 28/05/2005
Organiser(s) South East European Research Centre, World Bank, IMF, Greek Government, DFID – UK, UNDP

This is the 3rd PRSP conference for the Balkan Region. Two previous fora were held to discuss and exchange experiences on the challenges of developing and implementing national Poverty Reduction Strategies. During those events, country delegations expressed strong interest in similar events on a regular basis to share experiences and learn best practice strategies for developing and implementing PRSs. This year’s Conference on Labour Markets, Growth and Poverty Reduction Strategies focused on the role of labour markets and job creation in reducing poverty, a topic high on the policy agenda of all participating countries. This focus is motivated by the observation that despite a steady, and at times rapid, economic growth, many of these countries are experiencing significant difficulties with labour market outcomes: high and persistent unemployment, declining labour force participation, and emerging wage and social inequalities.

The objectives of the PRSP Conference were threefold: (i) to report and share the challenges of PRSP development, implementation and monitoring among the Balkan countries; (ii) to provide an opportunity for the Balkan countries to learn from successful strategies for job creation from the European, Central Asia, and international experience; and (iii) for the country teams, to discuss and develop preliminary ideas on how to strengthen the job creation focus of PRSP in their countries.

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