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Call for Papers - Europolis Journal of Political Science and Theory

Call for Papers - Europolis Journal of Political Science and Theory
Added on 07/01/2009

Europolis is a peer review journal founded in 2001 within the academic community of the Political Science and Public Administration Faculty, at Babes-Bolyai University, Romania. The bi-annual publication promotes Political Science scholars, focusing on research and studies that fulfill academic criteria and standards. The publication represents a framework where researchers' interests, approaches, and methodologies meet to create high standard academic debates.

Issue 5/2009 focuses on democratization, the editors encouraging contributions in the form of single-case studies or comparative approaches (including large N studies) that deal with the topic. Articles may tackle, but not restricted to, questions like: What are the main challenges of post-authoritarian regimes? Are transitions similar across countries or regions? Are there transition particularities? What elements influence the degree and speed of democratization?

In order to attract various contributions, the journal proposes two categories: academic papers and book reviews. Under the "work in progress" section, it also accepts parts of larger works that are not yet finalized. This provides the authors the chance to receive valuable feedback from the readers and it allows the latter to analyze a developing research. The requirements for work in progress are the similar with those for articles.

The deadline for submission of papers is February 15th, 2009. For additional information please refer to the Call for Papers here:

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