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The MORMED team accomplishes major project milestone

The MORMED team accomplishes major project milestone
Added on 06/06/2012
The MORMED project has entered its final phase, following a successful review of the project's achievements during its second year of execution. The project, which is coordinated by SEERC, aims to develop a multilingual social networking platform addressing the challenge of effective information sharing among members of communities who have common interests but may not share a common language.

The review of the project, which took place in Luxemburg on 26 April 2012, was carried out by representatives of the Language Technologies Unit of the European Commission and a panel of independent experts. The feedback received was very positive. The reviewers noted the project’s potential for long-term sustainability and its capacity to generate high impact, and noted key factors assisting towards future applicability and success.

The project now enters its final stage, in which the MORMED platform is being fully deployed and evaluated by a community of users who are interested in exchanging knowledge concerning the rare disease of Lupus (Antiphospholipid Syndrome), including researchers, medical doctors, general practitioners, patients, and patient support groups.

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