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OrganiK project completed successfully

OrganiK project completed successfully
Added on 10/11/2010

Research project OrganiK has come to its end, following a successful final review in London, on 17 September 2010. The consortium was congratulated on the quality of the project's outcomes, on its commitment to the project's common goals and on the level of collaboration between partners. The results of OrganiK were characterized as excellent, having fully achieved and exceeded the objectives set in the beginning of the project.

Below is an excerpt from the official final review report:

"Executive summary:

The consortium as a whole without any exception has worked to meet the project's objectives and deliverables. The OrganiK project has successfully met all of its objectives and deliverables. The partners have defined, developed, tested and commissioned in all five participating SMEs a knowledge management system (KMS) called OrganiK based on real life scenarios and requirements defined by all SMEs. It was proven that the system is flexible and meets diverse needs. The OrganiK KMS definitely contributes to the State of the Art.

The nature of OrganiK differentiates it from existing KM systems, which are usually developed for large enterprises and which require many resources for a full implementation. OrganiK is flexible in meeting the diverse needs of SMEs, such as having quickly an operational system that fits the often quite unstructured knowledge generation processes. OrganiK proves to have a great potential in supporting less structured business processes; to be based on a knowledge-worker centric approach, through personal knowledge grids, social networks, and personal applications; and to implement a "on-demand" knowledge management for ad hoc intensive and inter-organisational collaborations.

It is also an interesting fact, that the consortium has used their own system OrganiK while it was been developed as their project tool, document repository and news/ message system. In this manner the system was tested and evolved continuously during the project. All SMEs are committed to continue expanding the use of the system in their daily operations as well as their number of users. It is also important to mention that all SMEs have gained understanding and knowledge on how to utilise semantics for competitive advantage in-house and commercially.


Excellent progress (the project has fully achieved its objectives and technical goals for the period or has even exceeded expectations)."

The partners of the OrganiK project are very satisfied with the project’s outcomes and are looking forward to further exploitation of results on both a commercial and academic basis, as well as to further collaboration between the consortium members on future initiatives of common interest.

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