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The Vollunteers of knoweledge at Makedonia TV

The Vollunteers of knoweledge at Makedonia TV
Added on 13/02/2013

Over 50 years old students meet teenager teachers at CITY College to learn basic computer skills, in the frame of the 'Knowledge Volunteers' project undertaken by the CITY in collaboration with the organisation '50+ Hellas'. The programme started in the beginning October 2012 and is scheduled to finish at the end of November.

Students and teachers meet on a voluntary basis twice per week at CITY College premises. The outcome of classes taking place is definitely interesting. Elderly students are excited with this educational opportunity while teenager teachers have taken their role quite seriously. Only after a few classes of the students knew the basics of a PC and are already capable to navigate the Internet, send emails and work on basic computer programmes.

Mr. George Pavlidis, the programme coordinator and PhD Candidate at our research centre SEERC says: “The programme aims at promoting active ageing, volunteerism and intergenerational learning at the same time. It’s a very interesting blend of roles and I believe that the outcome is a win-win case for both sides involved. I am really happy that we managed to run the programme at CITY College and it definitely gives a different dimension to education.”

“The knowledge volunteers" (TKV) project involves older and young people in an educational and training plan based on volunteerism and an inter-generational, peer-to-peer learning model. It aims to promote the acquisition of digital competences among elders at risk of exclusion and intergenerational relations that also benefit the education of young people.

The Knowledge Volunteers project is funded by the EU lifelong learning programme.

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