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SEERC Successfully Established and Coordinates the Triple Helix Association Chapter in Greece

SEERC Successfully Established and Coordinates the Triple Helix Association Chapter in Greece
Added on 12/09/2013

Triple helix (university, industry, government) interactions are perceived to be key to the fast paced development of the knowledge based society. Building such interactions with proper protocols and missions can lead to innovation progress, entrepreneurial capacities, and enhanced knowledge and technology transfer with the ultimate goal of a successful engagement in regional development. To this end, the Triple Helix Association (THA), organized at a global scale, aims to promote triple helix communications and to spread this vision internationally.

Nevertheless, this is not the case in South East Europe and especially in Greece. Harsh economic environment, low communication among the triple helix actors, rigid structures of academic institutions, obsolete regulatory framework, lack of business-oriented culture, limited support for entrepreneurial activities, low innovation score, and severe brain drain, point towards the fact that triple helix interactions are not being performed in this area. In this context, the South East European Research Centre (SEERC) took the initiative to form a consortium and establish the THA Chapter in Greece.

THA Chapter Greece SEERC Certificate Cropped

Overall, the main aim of the THA Chapter in Greece is to create an effective dialog among national / multi-national entities in order to bolster the innovation and entrepreneurship capacity and engage in the regional development of Greece and the South East European region.

More specifically, the THA Chapter in Greece intends to promote analyses and studies on the interaction between universities, firms and government aimed at translating academic models into practical achievements. It will support international exchange of scholars and educate scholars in the field of THA’s mission. It will also organize international symposia of relevant scientific interest, provide a common discussion framework for triple helix actors in order to engage in regional development of Greece and of the South East European Region, boost the innovation capacity, encourage and support entrepreneurship and fight the regional brain drain. Ultimately, the THA Chapter in Greece aims to expand to the wider South East European Region in order to create a solid developmental block with coordinated knowledge resources and activities that will help the SEE region progress.

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