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Open Excellence Workshop : "Management and quality control in service-based software"

Open Excellence Workshop :
Added on 19/03/2014

In the frame of the RELATE- ITN project, SEERC is organising an Open Excellence Workshop titled "Management and quality control in service-based software", which will take place on 21st March 2014 in Athens. The workshop is collocated with "Quality and Performance of Business Services in the Cloud" Open Excellence Workshop (20th March 2014), organised by SingularLogic. Both workshops take place in the premises of SingularLogic, Athens.

The workshop, which will be attended by Fellows of the RELATE-ITN project, will cover a wide range of topics. The morning sessions will include presentations ranging from the result of Greek effort in creating a cloud offering, SYNNEFO, to how Internet of Things, although facilitating information access to service-based applications and users, challenges efficient publishing, subscribing, processing and reacting to emerging events. The morning session will conclude with Automated Testing and Runtime Verification of Service-Based Applications, based on a formal and automated test-generation method which guarantees functional correctness for conversational services.

The afternoon session, opens with a high level overview of Big Data, and the potential trade-offs by processing Big Data on Cloud. The following presentation offers an alternative usage of Big Data solution in attacking autonomicity of Cloud Platforms through the notion of Semantic Sensor networks. Finally the session concludes by looking at interoperability issues between cloud infrastructures used by Governments.

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