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Mentor’s Mix M2

Mentor’s Mix M2
Added on 13/06/2014

The International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, CITY College, will host “Mentor’s Mix M2” on its premises in L. Sofou 3, 5th floor, on 13-14 June, 2014.

Innovation Farm invites coaches, mentors and similar stakeholders to ‘Mentor’s Mix’, a very different event and unique learning experience that addresses those who work or deal with mentoring and coaching startup teams or startup companies.

In this two-day mini bootcamp the team of Innovation Farm, founded by Argyris Spiridis, will share in a practical and interactive way the experiences and insights they have gained through their interaction with startup teams within their Stage One Accelerator programme.

The programme starts on Friday June 13, through practical seminars on the modern logic of Lean Startup and new business and investment trends and is completed on Saturday June 14 with an intensive full-day workshop that places the mentors and coaches in the position of the startups teams they are usually coaching, and makes them go through a wide array of co-working exercises themselves.  Professors and executives from MOKE, startup coaches, business consultants and business executives are the audience invited to experience this different type of event reversing the usually assigned role for two very special days.

Mentor Mix is hosted by CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, on its premises in L. Sofou 3, and is supported by the South-East European Research Centre (SEERC) and the Unit for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of ATEI Thessaloniki.

The working language will be foremost Greek.

We are looking forward to welcoming you there!


For further details please visit the event site on facebook.




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