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ICT2B: Innovation Runway Event

ICT2B: Innovation Runway Event
Added on 02/04/2015

Innovation Runway Event

The World’s First Science/Business Jam

The ICT2B Innovation Runway event took place in Frankfurt at the LufthansaTraining & Conferencefrom the20th until the 22ndFebruary 2015.

50 research students and 50 software developers, young international people came together in excitement to create and develop new ideas, new technologies, a new future – and the workshop was a huge success.

The purpose and the goal of this event was to combine the creativity and diversity of the ambitious students with the technical intelligence of the curious developers in order to find new approaches to modern technology. Students came with the hope to present their ideas, to hear the different opinions on them. Developers looked forward to discovering new ideas that could be turned into a real business.

The event was sold out, participants came together from all over the world, e.g. China, India, Japan, Poland, Finland. All ages, ethnicities and genders were represented; it was a big meeting of different people united by the same goal: to change the world.

The best teams from the workshop are taken to a second meeting where these ideas will be presented and evaluated by a panel of industry, science and EU.




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