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Eliemental:breaking down barriers to entreprise

Eliemental:breaking down barriers to entreprise
Added on 25/11/2015

As a society we don’t make the most of our human resources, those that cannot achieve by themselves are often supported to exist, but not to prosper socially or economically. Current training methods for the disadvantaged have not been working and there is a shortfall in the soft skills of many currently unemployed individuals.

The Eliemental project has explored social and cultural barriers to enterprise and has developed new community-based approaches to enterprise education. Realising the benefit from an under supported segment of society will not only see value created but also a reduction in the economic support that these groups need. The result will not only be a net economic gain for areas that engage with the Eliemental approach to enterprise education but a significant uplift in social capital within communities.

Interest groups: enterprise educators, 3rd sector organisations working with groups vulnerable to social exclusion, policy makers, employment advisors, municipalities, civil servants and vocational educational advisors.

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