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Publication by Ms Kuzman in a 3-star ABS Journal

Publication by Ms Kuzman in a 3-star ABS Journal
Added on 28/02/2018

SEERC PhD candidate Ms Tanja Kuzman, has managed to publish part of her research work in a very well reputed journal.

Specifically, she has succeeded in publishing a paper entitled “Politically Induced Board Turnover, Ownership Arrangements and Performance of SOEs” in the Journal “Corporate Governance: An International Review”

Her achievement is of extreme importance as this Journal is a 3- star ABS journal and is considered to be among the top 5 ABS journals in the field of finance with an impact factor of 3.5. According to the acceptance letter of the editor, the accomplishment is considered as “major as the journal now accepts less than 8% of the manuscripts submitted”.

The publication acceptance came after 4 consequent and very demanding review requests by the referees.

We are taking this opportunity to congratulate Ms Kuzman for her hard work on this publication and on her thesis which she has submitted recently. Congratulations also to her PhD supervisors Dr. Sotirios Bellos, Dr. Oleksandr Talavera and Dr Chaudry Mohammed Ghafran for their excellent work.

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