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4th Young Researchers Week (YRW) 2019

4th Young Researchers Week (YRW) 2019
Added on 30/05/2019

For the 4th consecutive year CITY College, International Faculty of the University of Sheffield, and its research centre, SEERC, celebrated academic research with the Young Researchers Week 2019 (YRW2019). This year the YRW2019 took place in Thessaloniki 13-17 May 2019 and attracted many young researchers eager to showcase and share their work.

Mr. Andreas Demetriou, Professor Emeritus of Psychology of the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, opened the 4th Young Researchers Week with a plenary talk on "Educating the developing mind: Bridging cognitive developmental theory with educational practice". Professor Panayiotis Ketikidis, Vice Principal of CITY College and Chairman of our research centre, SEERC, warmly thanked Prof. Demetriou for his honouring the event with his participation.

The Week had a rich programme comprising two conferences, the 4th Annual Postgraduate Research Conference, the International Student Spring Symposium as well as a series of seminars and workshops.

The event provided the opportunity to university students of all levels, PhD, Masters and Bachelors, as well as other academics to present their work to a wide audience comprised of lecturers, researchers and other young colleagues. Through their participation they had the opportunity to self-reflect on their research’s position among peers, receive individualised feedback, attend workshops to improve their research skills. Participating students also received advice on how to generate more impact from their research and had the invaluable opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary outlook through meeting peers from other disciplines.

The Young Researchers Week 2019 events contributed to new knowledge and presented valuable research work and provided opportunities for interactive sessions and discussions, networking and exchange of ideas and best practices. 

PsyD Postgraduate Conference in Sheffield 2019 1

PsyD Postgraduate Conference in Sheffield 2019 2

YRW2019 1

YRW2019 2

YRW2019 3

YRW2019 4

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