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TeRRItoria 2nd Newsletter

TeRRItoria 2nd Newsletter
Added on 11/06/2020
Welcome to the 2nd TeRRItoria newsletter
TeRRItoria is a Horizon 2020 project which positions regions and local authorities as places for science governance, education, public engagement, ethics, and open access. TeRRItoria experiments with the adoption of RRI approaches in European regional and territorial R&I systems. It contributes to the development of the concept of territorial RRI through a set of transformative experiments in 5 European territories: the Regions of Central Macedonia (Greece), Emilia Romagna (Italy), Trøndelag (Norway), and North-East Romania, as well as the Municipality of Gabrovo (Bulgaria).
This second issue provides information on:
* How the teams behind the transformative experiments are re-calibrating the design of their activities due to the constraints placed on them by Covid-19;
* What tools have been created during Work Package 3 in order to map Governance Innovation Practices. These three Deliverables – two inventories and a map – support the experiments’ design phase, as well as potentially providing useful input for other organisations involved in implementing territorial RRI.


The 2nd Newsletter of TeRRItoria project is out! Learn about the latest updates and the amazing activities of the project.

Join us on the upcoming events which will be held in June, September and December.

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Connecting with less central regions and students, in-person and virtually
In order to focus on how rural areas can become more appealing places for young people to relocate to, the project partners in Trøndelag selected two target communities to arrange stakeholder meetings in, alongside meetings with students in the city. Some pivots have been necessary, however, after restrictions on movement and large gatherings were put in place. Many one-to-one interviews have now been conducted online, while larger conference calls will be structured thoroughly to make them as productive as possible.
Survey to substitute meetings to engage civil society
Over the course of February and March, the Municipality of Gabrovo designed a series of meetings to identify the vision of students and teachers concerning the future of the city. Covid-19, however, had other plans and forced the Municipality to change their way of engaging with the students. The city council decided to adapt to the new situation rather than wait for the crisis to subside. An electronic questionnaire was sent out, which has now concluded with 645 students having replied to it. 
Recalibrating stakeholder engagement activities in times of social distance
The TeRRItoria project partners in Central Macedonia initially planned to have three bilateral meetings with stakeholders, one workshop, and one meeting with local citizens. Having decided to restructure this phase of the project in order to move things online, they have now settled on dates for co-design workshops to take place online on in early June.
To-face or not to-face – that is the question
North East Romania and ART-ER are facing the same problem: wait for face-to-face meetings or opt for virtual meetings. North East Romania would have preferred to have face-to-face meetings, since it is a sparsely populated region where people build up trust with others by meeting them regularly. ART-ER decided to postpone the realisation and implementation of the experiment in order to have more time to organise their meetings with local stakeholders. Either way, both development agencies have prepared a plan B.
Project stories
What we have already achieved in the project
TeRRItoria and the use of Bottom-Up Governance Innovation Practices
The TeRRItoria consortium has compiled an inventory of 30 Bottom-Up Governance Innovation Practices (BUGIPs). This inventory aims to identify useful examples, in terms of approaches, policies, and tools, for the development of the five transformative experiments.
Inventory of 43 RRI governance innovation practices
The project partners have developed an inventory of 43 RRI Governance Innovation Practices (RRIGIPs), with the aim of identifying innovative RRIGIPs which can provide valuable insights for designing and implementing the five transformative experiments.
Map of approaches, policies and tools for Territorial RRI
Based on an analysis of the two inventories of BUGUPs and RRIGIPs, a map of approaches, policies and tools for Territorial RRI has been drafted.
The map begins by highlighting the core issues related to RRI: transformations of society, the “de-territorialisation” process, the territorial dynamics of the European landscape, and the possible role of territorial RRI.
Upcoming events
17th - 19th June, Logrono (Spain)
2nd - 6th September, Trieste (Italy)
15th - 16th September, Brussels (Belgium)
9th - 11th December, Seville (Spain)
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