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GRACE newsletter Issue #3 - September 2020

GRACE newsletter Issue #3 - September 2020
Added on 05/10/2020


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Grounding RRI Actions to Achieve Institutional Changes in European Research Funding and Performing Organisations

Issue #3 - September 2020


Welcome to the GRACE Newsletter!

Welcome to the third GRACE Newsletter, a semi-annual edition focusing on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI).

In a co-creating environment based on intense mutual learning and knowledge sharing among RRI experts and implementing organisations, the EU-funded project GRACE aims to spread and embed Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in the European Research Area. The GRACE team aspires to develop a set of specific Grounding Actions, which will lead to the development of tailored and sustainable RRI Roadmaps for Research Funding and Performing Organisations.  


News from the GRACE world

GRACE has stepped into its second phase!

Beginning of June 2020, the mid-term technical review of GRACE was completed with optimal evaluation results.
Over these first 15 months, GRACE has actively been preparing the ground for the actual implementation of its Grounding RRI Actions, that should in turn lead to fundamental RRI-orientated institutional changes.

>> How far has GRACE come? Read all about our mid-term progress!


Reflection tool for RRI initiatives

This "Reflection tool" is a six-page document that can be printed and used to facilitate fruitful reflection and discussion on vision, goals, and implementation of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) initiatives in smaller groups.
Initially developed by Malene Vinther Christensen (from Aarhus University) as part of the GRACE project, it can be widely used to implement any initiative.

>> Give the tool a try!

RRI Guidance documents

To guide GRACE's implementing organisations in designing their own RRI-oriented Grounding Actions (GAs), K&I, one of our more experimented partners, has issued a series of documents providing state-of-the-art experiences related to RRI.
>> All Guidance documents are freely available here

Past GRACE events

ESF's first InfoSession on Gender Equality

The first InfoSession on Gender Equality was organised by members of the Gender Equality Working Group at the ESF on 16 June. The main focus of this brief informative session was to provide ESF Staff with an overall understanding of the meaning and key concepts behind the term Gender Equality, and how it relates to our everyday life and workplace.
> Learn more about the event here
Since June 2020, AGAUR has held ten online co-creation workshops on the exploration and definition of concrete measures and activities to achieve institutional change towards RRI, particularly focused on gender equality, ethics and research integrity and open access policy agendas as Grounding Actions.
> Learn more about the event here

Forthcoming events

Second Mutual Learning Workshop

End of October

After the much appreciated first mutual learning workshop in May last year, members of the GRACE consortium will be meeting online end of October for a second edition.
The workshop will provide a co-creation platform, where implementing organisations will address their needs and expectations in connection to their Roadmaps implementation, with guidance and support from the expert partners. The focus of the workshop will be on issues of team-building, stakeholder mobilization and impacts of the Grounding Actions.

GRACE Networking events

End of October

This autumn, our consortium members will be organising various local networking events, inviting their network members to raise awareness of the GRACE  project as well as RRI in general and introduce local action plans.

GRACE at the Triple Helix Summit

24-25 November, online

We are pleased to announce that GRACE will be hosting a side-event to the Triple Helix Summit, alongside with Fit4RRI and GRRIP, two sister projects under the same SWAFs call.
We'll be talking about how RRI actions drive institutional change, with practical examples from our three projects.
>> Find out more and join in!

RRI projects corner

Find out the latest news from our sister projects related to implementing RRI in Reasearch and Funding Organisations. If you have cutting-edge news on your project to share with us here, do send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


"Starting the process", guidelines on governance settings for responsible and open science

These Guidelines, drafted by Luciano d’Andrea and Federico L. Marta (K&I), mark one of FIT4RRI's main results. They provide orientations to make RRI and OS feasible for implementing organisations. Starting with the analysis and interpretation of the organisation's actual situation, they then give background for the decision process before going into details for activating institutional embedment of RRI and OS.
>> A rich set of resources, to read or to download here



From 13 May to 17 June, Ecsite organised online weekly webinars on a range of subjects relevant to its network, including RRI-related topics such as misinformation, equity and diversity or creating and enhancing our digital presence among others.
They are all still available on Ecsite’s Youtube channel.
>> Have a look!


A webinar on the role and impact of RR in future-proofing European food systems.

It is the foundation of a wider webinar series that also delves into more practical implementation aspects such as stakeholder engagement across the food system, policy change at the national level and competence building at the local level, based on the work carried out so far by FIT4FOOD2030.
>> View recordings of the webinar here


Recommandations on how to make cross-sector innovation thrive 

RiConfigure hosted a participatory dialogue event in July. Based on verbal and written discussions, the participants listed several recommendations on building structure, engaging civil society in innovation, and handling governance and external impacts on collaborative innovation. >> A summary of their recommendations are downloadable here. Based on results of their 54 existing cross sector collaborations, RiConfigure has also gathered some practical advice on how to make cross-sector collaborations in innovation a success. 
>> Find out the dos and the don’ts of cross-sector collaborations 


A new Learning hub!

This new repository has been created for policy makers and practitioners working or willing to work on co-creation. The learning hub contains various relevant thematic areas all containing videos, lectures, case studies, scientific publications and practical tools. Contents have been applied and/or developed during SISCODE and tested in the real-life experimentation being part of the project.
>> Find out all about the Siscode Hub here


A global suvey on RRI

Under the leadership of their partners from ICoRSA, RRING launched a global survey on RRI. The results, with 2198 responses from all around the world, were published in July 2020, giving a global perspective on RRI.
>> Read the report here

Interesting reading

Institutional changes towards RRI

Achievements in Horizon 2020 and recommendations on the way forward

Latest EU report on the Horizon 2020 Science with and for Society (SwafS), Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) project portfolio results.
>> Read the publication here

New EMBO policy report released

Governance of research integrity: Options for a coordinated approach in Europe.

The report looks at the potential benefits and challenges that could arise from the establishment of a European body to support institutions to handle allegations of research misconduct. It describes options for the roles, structures, and funding sources of such a body, and includes examples of how such a body could be implemented by existing European organizations.
>> Read a summary on download the full version of the report


Get to know our team! 

GRACE logo

GRACE brings together 10 partners from various European countries forming a dynamic mix of both Research Funding and Performing Organisations (RFPOs), eager to develop and embed RRI in their internal structures, and expert institutions sharing their knowledge to co-design RRI Grounding Actions and Roadmaps.

In this edition, we present to you ECSITE and the University of Groningen 
>> Visit  the partners' webpage

Ecsite, the European Network for Science Centres & Museums, is the only Europe-wide network organization that links science centres and museums, natural history museums, zoos, aquariums, universities and research organizations in Europe as active members. The common thread uniting these institutions is a commitment to public engagement, communicating science through accessible, interactive exhibits and programmes. It facilitates co-operation among Europe’s science centres and museums – establishing standards, sharing expertise, disseminating best practice, encouraging collaboration and developing training programmes.
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STeP, the ‘Security, Technology, and e-Privacy Research Group’, at the University of Groningen, is an interdisciplinary team of researchers organised within the Department of Transboundary Legal Studies. The team covers many areas of information policy and technology law including privacy, data protection, security science, cybercrime, self-regulation, ethics, and health informatics.
STeP currently co-ordinates ESSENTIAL and co-ordinates work packages and otherwise participates in other projects, including TREIO, TReSPAsS-ETN, KnowGraphs, INSPECTr, MIRROR, and GRACE. In the GRACE project, RUG is leading the WP6 on gender equality and research ethics and integrity.

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 8224521
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