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Call for Papers - International Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructures 2010

Call for Papers - International Conference on Spatial Data Infrastructures 2010
Added on 08/02/2010

A Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) provides access to any kind of spatial data to users. It comprises the technology, policies, standards and human resources necessary to acquire, process, store, distribute and improve utilisation of geospatial data.

The conference will demonstrate the importance of SDIs and their use, on local, national or regional level in the region of South East Europe and its relation to global initiatives. It targets the process of spatial data sharing through the Internet, as a tool for faster, easier and simpler access to spatial data by all stakeholders, customers and clients; the implementation of International/Global and European criteria for organizing digital spatial data ; the impact of SDIs on all application fields; cooperation between stakeholders such as state institutions responsible for collecting, structuring, archiving, updating and analyzing spatial data according to their legal mission and obligation.

Conference themes - potential tracks are:

  1. Sub national, National, Regional, Continental and Global Spatial Data Infrastructure
  2. Scientific aspects of SDIs and their development
  3. Methodologies for SDI development, update and upgrade
  4. Technologies and standards
  5. Architectures of SDIs
  6. Data, data specifications, data organization and exchange mechanisms
  7. SDI metadata and spatial coordinate systems
  8. Building and organization of SDIs
  9. Integration and compatibility of SDI's developed by different platforms
  10. Legal aspects of SDI developing and utilization
  11. Experiences in SDI development on sub national, national, regional, continental and global level
  12. European INSPIRE development and implementation
  13. Pan-European geographic datasets
  14. Global Mapping
  15. SDI as necessary tool of cartography
  16. Applications of SDI in various sectors such as government, telecommunications, utilities, cadastre, land management, environment and nature protection, disaster management, climate changes, Earth structure, physical and urban planning, tourism and others
  17. Education, training and awareness creation
  18. Other topics relevant to the field

Important Dates and Deadlines (New Dates!):

  • 15.02.2010 Submission of abstracts
  • 15.03.2010 Notification of acceptance or rejection to the authors
  • 01.05.2010 Submission of full papers for review
  • 30.05.2010 Notification of the results of the review commission
  • 15.06.2010 Submission of revised full papers for second review
  • 15.07.2010 Notification of the results from the second review
  • 01.09.2010 Submission of presentations
  • 15.09.2010 First Conference day
  • 17.09.2010 Closing of conference

More information on the conference and guidance on how to submit an abstract are available at and at the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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