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AgTech7 Project

AgTech7 Project
Added on 16/11/2022

The overall aim of AgTech7 is to significantly and practically enhance the knowledge of European HEIs’/Research Institutes’ students and ‘in-house’ incubator managers, agribusiness entrepreneurs and business angels on a wide set of agri-tech disruptive farm-to-fork applications.


The main learning materials of the project were:

- To collaboratively design and frequently update a curriculum consisting

- To put to test the curriculum with custom deployment means

- To facilitate digital disruption in the agribusiness domain based on a whole spectrum of contemporary farm-to-fork agri-tech concepts

- To enhance entrepreneurial skills of higher education students

- To enable the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge on a wide set of agri-tech disruptive farm-to-fork applications


All the extended learing outcomes can be found here


You can find more information about on the project website


Registration to the Virtual Learning Enviroment can be found in the home page


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