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PhD Award

PhD Award
Added on 14/12/2022

Congratulations to Arta Musollaj, who had her viva on Monday 12 December and was awarded the PhD subject to revisions. Congratulations also to Arta’s supervisors, Dr. Zoi Tatsioka and Dr. Chris Montgomery for their great work and support.

Title: Attitudes towards minority languages in Kosovo
Student: Arta Musollaj
Supervisors: Dr Chris Montgomery, Dr Zoi Tatsioka
Arta’s thesis is an investigation of attitudes towards minority languages in Kosovo - a post-war, newly independent, and multi-ethnic country. In the focus of her study are five minority languages: Bosnian, Gorani, Romani, Serbian, and Turkish. By using questionnaires as a data collection instrument, Arta managed to collect data from 1115 participants who represented various age groups of Kosovo-Albanians throughout all Kosovo districts. Her study revealed some very interesting results, showing that language attitudes were most strongly influenced by conflict and language contact. This was also reflected in the different attitudes between older and younger generations.

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