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SEERC will be participating in 2 new EU projects: SUPPORTER and MENTBEST

SEERC will be participating in 2 new EU projects: SUPPORTER and MENTBEST
Added on 16/01/2023

The South-East European Research Centre (SEERC) is happy to announce its participation in two new EU-funded projects that will be starting within the first semester of 2023.

The 2 new projects are: SUPPORTER and MENTBEST.
The SUPPORTER project advances inclusive gender+ equality within the ERA. It supports institutions to develop intersectional, innovative, inclusive and impactful gender equality plans (4I-GEPs), tailored to sports higher education institutions, and explicitly addressing gender-based violence including sexual harassment (GBV). The project will co-create an innovative capacity-building and mutual learning programme, delivering support and mentoring towards the development of the 4I-GEPs.
SUPPORTER acts horizontally and vertically and adopts a twinning-inspired approach, methodologically based on 3 interlinked processes (analytical, reflective, implementation), combining 4I learning and mutual learning schemes with co-creation and dissemination activities, engaging a diverse range of stakeholders, and building on knowledge and expertise from previous projects and tools.
Members of MENTBEST project have researched, created and delivered community-based interventions to reduce depression and suicidal behaviour. These interventions have been implemented and proven effective in 120 communities across 17 EU countries.

Building on this experience and intervention framework (EAAD 4-Level-Intervention), the MENTBEST consortium will (a) characterise the scale of the change-related mental health challenges; (b) work with patients, healthcare and other stakeholders to identify interventions and tools that can best build resilience and maintain mental health; (c) combine these interventions with an adapted and broadened EAAD 4 Level Intervention into a comprehensive community-based intervention (COMBINA) (d) deliver and validate COMBINA in five model regions, across five countries, with particular analysis of the benefits for vulnerable groups.

After validation and process evaluation, enhanced COMBINA will be a ready-to-use package which can be adopted throughout Europe and beyond. MENTBEST will inform a comprehensive communication, dissemination and policy-input programme to maximise impact, building on our relevant experience at all levels, from public outreach to government and EU policy.


Stay tuned for upcoming updates regarding the projects!


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