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JUST2CE Workshop

JUST2CE Workshop
Added on 30/03/2023

Within the framework of the JUST2CE project, SEERC organised in cooperation with the environmental organisation Mamagea and InCommOn a very successful workshop on Thursday, 30th of March at WE multi-space. 


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JUST2CE aims to understand, in a critical and thoughtful way, under what conditions a responsible, inclusive and socially just transition to a circular economy is possible and desirable, what technical, geopolitical and social factors can enable or hinder such a transformation, and how these aspects can contribute to the development of transitional policy measures.


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Through brainstorming activities, we created a framework for responsible and practical innovation. The aim of the workshop was to prepare a preliminary version of a "skeleton of future images" in transition to a just circular economy, by creating a set of scenarios and reflecting on the technology and policy actions that need to be implemented to achieve them in each specific national context.

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