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MIGREC Publication: Mapping Migration priorities in the Western Balkans

MIGREC Publication: Mapping Migration priorities in the Western Balkans
Added on 07/04/2023
The MIGREC project (EU funded under H2020), aimed at the creation of a Migration, Integration and Governance Research Centre (MIGREC) at the Faculty of Political Sciences of the University of Belgrade. With the vision to push the boundaries in migration research and education based on excellence, integrity and cooperation with academics, practitioners, policy makers and the general public, MIGREC was developed as a research and educational hub which promises to conduct high quality research and support policy making in migration in South-East Europe.
To design the vision, mission and agenda of MIGREC, the four partners implementing this project (USFD, ELIAMEP, FPN, SEERC), conducted a thorough mapping of the migration trends, research and policy priorities in the area. The methodology consisted both desk research and the collection of data through anonymous interviews with national experts from the Western Balkan region.
The publication “Mapping Migration priorities in the Western Balkans”, embeds parts of Deliverables 1.2 and 1.3 of the project, focusing on migration research in Serbia and the remaining Western Balkans, respectively. Every chapter is dedicated to the analysis of a different state, investigating the migration profile and the key policies adopted by the national decision makers, followed by a short analysis to yield profound insights on the research and policy needs in the field of migration in South-East Europe.
Read the full publication, here.
MIGREC Mapping Migration priorities in the Western Balkans 01

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