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Q4EDU project: Digital Readiness Assessment Tool (DigiRAsT)

Q4EDU project: Digital Readiness Assessment Tool (DigiRAsT)
Added on 28/06/2023
SEERC has participated in an Erasmus+ KA2 project, Q4EDU. The Q4EDU project aimed to develop an innovative tool that supports the digitization of services and internal operations carried out by entities offering vocational education and training (VET - Vocational Education and Training). The project consortium included representatives of six organizations from different European countries.
One of the main project results of Q4EDU was the Digital Readiness Assessment Tool (DigiRAsT).
DigiRasT is an innovative digital readiness assessment tool for vocational education and training centres and trainers in the European Union. It was developed to provide quick assessments on digital readiness at course or secondarily organisational level based on user input.
The tool is publicly available online, accessible from web interface and different mobile devices like tablets, laptops, mobile phones, etc. in all project partners’ languages, Greek, English, Italian and Polish.
DigiRAsT tool includes all following sections:
  • A registration page for VET organisations,
  • A creation of a dashboard with visual displays of all data taken from the registered institutions with all proposed characteristics included,
  • A radar chart for comparison of the digital level of institutions with results taken from the digital readiness evaluation Methodological framework developed by the project’s partners.
More information for Q4EDU Project can be found in the following link: Q4EDU Project Website.
*** If you are working in the VET field in Europe and would like to register and make use of the DigiRAsT tool you can do that by following the link HERE.
 Images 1,2. Interface of the DigiRAst tool:

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