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SureMap project: Final Project Meeting in Aachen (5-7 Sept. 2023)

SureMap project: Final Project Meeting in Aachen (5-7 Sept. 2023)
Added on 12/09/2023

On 5-7 September 2023, the SureMap partners met in Aachen, Germany for the project's last meeting, organized by our partners and coordinators in RWTH Aachen University.

During the meeting, the consortium memmebrs had the chance to discuss all the remaining tasks since SureMap will be officially completed on September 14th.
The focus was to also discuss the last arrangements regarding the project closing workshop-#WEF4CLIMATE, which is taking place right now at the The American University in Cairo with the participation of all the Egyptian SureMap partners. The next steps of the project and the topic of further exploitation of outcomes were also parts of the conversation during the meeting.

The group was delighted to see Heribert Nacken again, who has also guided the partners with a presentation of the Hydrology department of RWTH Aachen.

The SEERC colleague, Efthalia Kallia and Anastasios Ntabizas were able to particpate in the meeting physically. Ms. Kallia presented the final reporting and dissemination tasks related to WP8 (Dissemination, Exploitation, and Implementation of the SuReMap Study Programme), which is led by CITY College, University of York Europe Campus.

The SureMap project partners are all so happy for the development and the implementation of 4 Master’s degrees and 1 Diploma in 4 Egyptian universities, achieved through the SureMap project cooperation. We hope our work and outcomes can travel beyond our institutions and be adopted by other higher education faculties and organizations!

See our programs, here.

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