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ACCTING project: The call for proposals has received 140 applications from 32 countries.

ACCTING project: The call for proposals has received 140 applications from 32 countries.
Added on 22/09/2023

The ACCTING partners are excited to announce that the Call for Pilot Projects has been officially closed and they are now proceeding into reviewing the accepted proposals.

During this past summer, the project has opened a call and gave the opportunity to applying parties to be selected and implement a pilot project addressing vulnerabilities related to the EU Green Deal. The funding to be rewarded will reach up to €32,000 per pilot- subject to costs motivation from applying parties – for projects which should last up to 12 months.

The Call has created a lot of interest from different parties and countries within the European region. We have received a total of 140 proposals from 32 countries by the 8th of September - the date the applications where closed.

The call for pilot projects covered the following topics:

  • “Next Time Better And More Inclusive” – Engaging Local Communities To Ensure Improved Disaster Responses.
  • “Wild eyes – Biodiversity crisis knowledge” – Engaging citizens to document the biodiversity crisis.
  • Awards for inclusive energy communities – Recognising outstanding efforts to mainstream inclusivity in energy communities.
  • Hands-on small-scale support for vulnerable entrepreneurs – Supporting micro-entrepreneurs to achieve more environmentally sustainable businesses.
  • Garden BnB – An exchange platform between actors involved with community gardens or agrifood systems.
  • “Food Everywhere Toolkit” – Inspiring healthy and sustainable food initiatives in schools.
  • “Green to school: sustainable commutes” – Developing and testing sustainable mobility solutions for schools in peripheral areas.
  • “Wheels for Justice” – Connecting cycling activism with social justice struggles.
  • “Series V” – Kickstarting Volunteerism– ‘Crowd-funding’ approach to stimulate volunteers for climate change initiatives.
  • Cultivating Changemakers: Youth Empowerment through activism –Internship opportunities for school students at NGOs working on social justice in relation to the Green Deal.

The ACCTING partners are now in the process of evaluating the applications and the results of the call are to be expected within the next month!

Stay tuned for more updates from the ACCTING project!




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