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WBC-RRI.NET: Project Meeting in Vienna (6-7 December)

WBC-RRI.NET: Project Meeting in Vienna (6-7 December)
Added on 14/12/2023

On 6-7 December the WBC-RRI.NET partners gathered in Vienna for the latest project meeting organized by ZSI.

The meeting included a thorough discussion of the remaining tasks of the project and the corresponding Work Packages. The partners also discussed the reporting to be submitted, as the project has now entered its final phase. Thank you to all the partners who have also delivered very intresting workshops during both meeting days!

SEERC colleagues, Kalliopi Pasmatzi, Alexandra Promdromodou, Efthalia Kallia and Katerina Sidiropoulou attended the meetings and all discussed their respective tasks with the rest of the consortium partners and the Western Balkan territories of focus.

The project is now getting ready for our final meeting in North Macedonia which will be organized in 2024, and before the project officially closes.

Stay tuned for more updates from WBC-RRI.NET!





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