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JUST2CE: E-Book on "Circular Economy for Social Transformation- Multiple paths to achieve circularity

JUST2CE: E-Book on
Added on 15/02/2024

We are happy to share the E-Book on "Circular Economy (CE) for Social Transformation- Multiple paths to achieve circularity" from the JUST2CE project (Horizon2020).

The book is a collaborative effort from diverse research groups, that explores global CE applications, intertwining with environmental justice, social justice, gendered innovation, and labor theories.

Contrary to mainstream narratives, the e-book challenges the belief that a market-driven CE can coexist with the environment without addressing power dynamics, politics, and norms.  It also exposes how mainstream CE falls short in addressing social injustices. Advocating for a just CE transition, it calls for a balanced, participatory, and inclusive approach for the well-being of all.

SEERC colleague Sanja Arsova writes about the "Approaches underpinning CE policies and initiatives in the different regional contexts" (Chapter 7), along with Andrea Genovese (Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at The University of Sheffield Management School) and Prof. Panayiotis KETIKIDIS, BSc, MSc, Ph.D. (President at Thessaloniki Innovation Zone and Chairman of SEERC).

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