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Announcement: Launch of the INSPIRE Project

Announcement: Launch of the INSPIRE Project
Added on 15/03/2024

We are excited to announce the INSPIRE project, a significant Horizon initiative aimed at enhancing the inclusion, wellbeing, and growth of rural areas. This 36-month project focuses on creating Smart Villages Labs for Enhanced Governance Frameworks, supporting sustainable development across Europe’s diverse rural landscapes. 

The INSPIRE project receives funding from Horizon Europe.



INSPIRE seeks to promote social wellbeing and inclusion by advancing social entrepreneurship and improving access to high-quality social services in rural areas. The project targets a broad spectrum of rural territories, including coastal, rural, peri-urban, and mountainous regions, through innovative Smart Village labs and an emphasis on democratic engagement and civic participation.


  • Develop a new territorial typology for categorizing rural areas.
  • Operationalize Smart Village labs to foster social innovation.
  • Enhance governance with E-Democracy and user innovation, culminating in a Rural Social Inclusion Policy Dashboard.

Focus Areas

INSPIRE tackles essential themes like social inclusion, rural development, and democratic engagement, aiming to empower rural communities and ensure equitable access to services.

Our Vision

As INSPIRE progresses, SEERC is committed to driving forward the agenda for a more inclusive, sustainable rural Europe. Stay updated on our progress and learn how you can be part of this transformative project.

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