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Announcing the Launch of the GEO-POWER-EU Project at SEERC

 Announcing the Launch of the GEO-POWER-EU Project at SEERC
Added on 15/03/2024

The South East European Research Centre (SEERC) is thrilled to introduce the GEO-POWER-EU project, "Empowering the Geopolitical EU in the Eastern Neighbourhood and the Western Balkans." This ambitious initiative is set to enhance the European Union's capability to address and manage security threats in a rapidly evolving geopolitical landscape over the next 36 months. The GEO-POWER-EU project receives funding from Horizon Europe.

By focusing on geopolitics, political science, and international relations, GEO-POWER-EU aspires to articulate and propose a comprehensive EU strategy that navigates the complexities of regional dynamics and strategic autonomy.

Project Goals and Vision

GEO-POWER-EU's core mission is to advance the EU's strategic positioning and response to geopolitical challenges in its Eastern Neighbourhood and the Western Balkans. The project aims to reform and innovate EU policy instruments and engagement approaches, ensuring they are well-suited to the new realities of geopolitical competition and cooperation.

Throughout its duration, GEO-POWER-EU will:

  • Propose adaptive strategies for EU Enlargement policy to reflect the changing geopolitical environment.
  • Assess and propose reforms for the EU's Eastern Partnership (EaP) in light of the influence of global geopolitical actors.
  • Provide strategic foresight on geopolitical competition and the EU's capacity to contain emerging military threats.
  • Develop a multi-dimensional strategy for enhancing EU relations with countries in the Western Balkans and Eastern Partnership.

Stay tuned for updates as GEO-POWER-EU unfolds, shaping a more secure, strategically autonomous, and geopolitically empowered European Union. Join us in this pivotal journey to strengthen Europe's geopolitical influence and security framework.

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