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A New Chapter in Mental Health: Thessaloniki's MentBest Initiative

A New Chapter in Mental Health: Thessaloniki's MentBest Initiative
Added on 02/04/2024

At Thessaloniki City Hall, the recent MentBest event served as a powerful testament to our community's unwavering commitment to mental health and well-being. Esteemed attendees, including Deputy Mayor Efi Theodoraki, mental health professionals, social workers, and representatives from both the police force and the Orthodox Church, came together to forge a united front in the battle against mental health challenges.

The event was expertly led by Dr. Ana Vivas, who not only presented but also guided the discussions towards exploring advanced solutions for mental health care. A major highlight was the in-depth exploration of the 'I Fight Depression' program, an innovative online tool aimed at empowering individuals to self-manage symptoms of mild to moderate depression. This program stands as a beacon of hope and a practical step forward for those seeking support.

Coordinated by Georgia Papaioannou and Christina Katsoridou, the MentBest event showcased the holistic approach required to address the multifaceted nature of mental health challenges effectively. By convening at such a pivotal municipal venue, the assembly underscored the necessity of a collaborative, community-based strategy to foster mental wellness.

This significant gathering not only illuminated the path towards innovative mental health solutions but also strengthened the bonds within our community, ensuring that no one faces the journey to mental well-being alone. As we reflect on the success of the MentBest event, we are reminded of the power of collaboration, the importance of accessible resources like the 'I Fight Depression' program, and the enduring spirit of Thessaloniki's commitment to mental health.


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