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3rd Plenary Meeting in Greece (MENTBEST)

3rd Plenary Meeting in Greece (MENTBEST)
Added on 28/05/2024

Progress Update on MENTBEST's Community-Based Intervention Study and Randomized Control Trial

We are excited to share significant advancements in our collaborative project, involving esteemed partners from various countries. With the dedication of all project partners, either in person or online, we have made substantial progress in planning our community-based intervention study and randomized control trial.

Our community-based intervention study will be conducted in five countries: Greece, Estonia, Albania, Spain, and Ireland. Simultaneously, we are preparing for a randomized control trial in Denmark, Spain, and Germany to test the innovative mental health app, MENTINA.

A highlight of our recent meetings was the valuable input from three Greek-based co-creators. Their participation ensures that the voices of patients, communities, and the vulnerable groups we aim to support are central to our project design and implementation.

We invite you to stay connected with our progress and updates: Visit MENTBEST's website for detailed information about our initiatives and ongoing projects. Additionally, follow SEERC on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep up with the latest news, insights, and developments in our work.

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