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Celebrating Excellence in Business Development and AI Education!

Celebrating Excellence in Business Development and AI Education!
Added on 28/06/2024

We are delighted to highlight the exceptional contributions of our Business Development Manager, Anastasios Ntabizas, who has significantly advanced the understanding of Artificial Intelligence within the business sector in Northern Greece through two impactful presentations this June.

1️⃣ Presentation at ACT - American College of Thessaloniki

  • Date: June 5, 2024
  • Audience: Women Entrepreneurs
  • Topic: AI and Businesses

Anastasios had the honor of engaging with a dynamic group of women entrepreneurs, discussing the transformative potential of AI in driving business success. His presentation covered practical applications, ethical considerations, and future trends, empowering attendees with the knowledge to leverage AI in their enterprises.

2️⃣ Presentation at the University of Macedonia for the 16th Teen Business School

  • Date: June 25, 2024
  • Audience: Student Teenagers
  • Topic: AI and Businesses

Addressing the next generation of business leaders, Anastasios inspired student teenagers with his insights into the intersection of AI and the business world. His session explored how AI is reshaping industries and the essential skills needed to thrive in this evolving landscape. The enthusiasm and curiosity of the students were truly remarkable!

We extend our gratitude to Mr. Ntabizas for his dedication and expertise in promoting AI education and its practical implications in the business realm. Your efforts are paving the way for a more innovative and tech-savvy future!

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Anastasios Dabizas

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