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 Danimir  Ljepava

Danimir Ljepava

PhD Student
Affiliation: SEERC

Danimir holds a B.Sc. Honors degree in Computer Science from the University
of Windsor, Canada and MBA Honors degree from the University of Sheffield,

He is a registrant of several innovative technology patents in the US and
has a track record of more than ten years of professional experience in
delivering technology innovations across industries in both private and
public space.

His research interests are in management of innovation in corporate
settings, strategic management, entrepreneurship, incubation centers,
innovation clusters, open innovation, knowledge management, social
relationships, information systems, Internet technologies, cloud computing,
big data and social data.

Danimir's research activities at SEERC are aimed towards enhancing the
understanding of social relationships and knowledge transfer amongst a
network of companies and other entities and their influence to outcome of
innovation performance for the practical purpose of improving innovation
management in corporate environments.

Supervisors: Prof. Andrew Tylecote and Prof. Leslie Szamosi

PhD Research

  • PhD Topic: Evaluating Determinants of Innovation Outcome: Influence ofInterorganizational Relationships and Knowledge Transfer
  • Supervisors: Prof Leslie Szamosi

Participation in


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