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Dr Darja  Koturovic

Dr Darja Koturovic

Affiliation: SEERC

Mrs. Darja Koturovic received a BA in Law from the University of Law (Belgrade, Serbia) in 2006. In 2008, she was awarded the MA in International Relations from the University of Indianapolis (Athens Campus). She fluently speaks English, Greek and Spanish. Mrs. Koturovic has been working as a translator and language instructor for several years. Simultaneously, she has participated in the preparation of several European Commission projects related to the upgrading of Serbian judicial system, in cooperation with Greek and Serbian non-governmental organizations. Her research interests involve legal and administrative reform in South East Europe, international cooperation in combating organized crime, corruption, the effects of illegal migration in Greece and protection of human rights. She is a PhD candidate of the University of Sheffield and South-East European Research Centre. Supervisors: Dr Cormac Behan, Dr Mark Brown and Dr Alexandra Prodromidou


PhD Research

  • PhD Topic: Governmental and non-governmental action against organized crime and drug trafficking in Serbia

Participation in


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