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Prof. George  Eleftherakis

Prof. George Eleftherakis

Participation in

Research Projects

PhD Supervision

  • :
  • Dr Adelina Basholli: Wireless monitoring systems for enhancing national health services in developing regions
  • Dr Fesal Baxhaku: Engineering Emergence in Artificial Distributed Systems for Enabling Monitoring Networks for Health Care Systems
  • Eirini Evdoxia Lithoxoidou: Empathic mirroring avatar for gamified interventions in order to support behavior change for individual’s wellbeing
  • Dr Anastasios Lytos: Opinion Mining in Social Networks Using Machine Learning Techniques
  • Maria Michali: Organisational change from a gender perspective: formal initiation and informal evolving, as reflected through organisational discourse
  • Dimitrios Pappas: Emergent Distributed Systems for Computational Auditory Scene Analysis
  • Dimitrios Pappas: Exploring paths to Pervasive Computing with Bio-inspired, Autonomus Distributed Systems
  • Dr Ognen Paunovski: Exploring Emergent Phenomena: Towards Analysis and Synthesis of Emergent Formations in Complex Systems
  • Konstantinos Rousis: Disciplined Exploitation of Emergent Properties in Artificial Distributed Systems


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