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Dr Erika  Melonashi

Dr Erika Melonashi

Alumni Research Student
Affiliation: SEERC
Phone: 0030 2310 253478

Ms. Erika Melonashi graduated in June 2005 from the department of Psychology of CITY College affiliated Institution of the University of Sheffield. Subsequently, she pursued the postgraduate studies by acquiring the Master Degree in Psychology and Counselling (CITY College) in 2008. Currently, Ms. Melonashi is a PhD candidate investigating tobacco use in the Balkan countries through the joint supervision of Dr Rodafinos and Prof. Eiser. This PhD program is part of a larger scale research project (Smoking Prevention in the Balkans (SpiB Project) funded by Cancer Research, UK.

Supervisor: Prof. Richard Eiser

PhD Research

  • PhD Topic: Understanding Non-Compliance with Smoke Free-Policies in Albania
  • Supervisors:

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