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Dr Dimitris  Georgantzis Garcia

Dr Dimitris Georgantzis Garcia

Phone: +302310224026

Dimitris holds an Integrated Master’s degree in Mathematics and Physics from the University of Glasgow. Through his studies, he was able developed a deep understanding of pure and applied mathematics, theoretical models and the importance of experimental methods. During his MSci project he worked with a team of academics, resulting in the publication of their work. This gave rise to his current love for academic research. Parallel to his studies, Dimitris developed a growing interest in the environmental impact that human societies have and the research of possible solutions to the unsustainable use of natural resources implied by our current economies. Currently, his research focuses on studying consumer attitudes and preferences with respect to Circular Economy strategies. Through the empirical domain of his proposed research, he seeks to shed light on the current state of consumer perception of Circular Economy processes, products and strategies. This will produce an objective diagnosis, necessary for the effective targeting of consumers both in terms of marketing and education. In a second stage, guided by the empirical part, he will develop a theoretical model aiming at understanding the dynamics of a transition to a Circular Economy amongst other goals.

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